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15 Years Of Excellence in Educational Services.

About Punzila Educational Services

Renowned educational consultancy for study abroad services.

Punzila is your local representative for various reputed colleges and universities around the world. We are responsible for the recruitment, counseling and guidance of prospective students.

Many representatives from the above colleges and universities visit our offices in Zambia on an annual basis and hold interview sessions for prospective students. Punzila also hosts study abroad fairs annually where students can meet representatives of different universities and gain valuable information for their benefit! We also visit local schools to meet with students and provide them with study abroad information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Punzila offer Scholarships?

The answer is no, unfortunately. Punzila partners with different universities. Some of which offer scholarships/ bursaries between 5%-50%. In some instances, these are to be applied for by the student. The remainder of the tuition costs and living expenses are to be covered by the student or their sponsors.

I do not have A levels or IB, can I apply to study abroad without these?
My grades are not so good, what can I do to apply to study abroad?
I want to study medicine, is an A level/IB or equivalent mandatory?
What is the duration of a foundation or pre masters course?
What is the 28 day bank statement rule for study in the UK about?
Can I work while I study?
Can I work in the country of my choice after I study?

Study Locations:

Australia India Ireland Canada Dubai France Ghana Germany Greece Malaysia Mauritius Netherlands New Zealand Singapore Sri Lanka UK USA Spain Geneva Amsterdam
Australia India Ireland Canada Dubai France Ghana Germany Greece Malaysia Mauritius Netherlands New Zealand Singapore Sri Lanka UK USA Spain Geneva Amsterdam

Student Testimonials


I’m so grateful for Punzila’s help to find the right University for me, my experience was amazing and the process ran smoothly. I joined MBA course at the University of South Wales (USW) in February 2021. I love how the university has such a diverse culture that it was easy for me to settle down & make friends. USW has helped me discover myself personally and professionally.


I approached Punzila in about October 2020 with a very brief idea of my current place of study, EU Business School. To say that they gave me a wide range of important academic and social information about the Business School would be an understatement. Upon receiving this further information regarding the Business School, we proceeded with my application process- which supposedly is a student’s worst nightmare. However, I was lucky enough to not go through that nightmare and I give all the credits to Punzila. All I had to do was send Tawiah the academic requirements, which she summarised and sent to me as a checklist, after which my part was done. Exactly a month later, I received my conditional offer from The EU Business School. Without Punzila, I would’ve never been able to get into my dream school as fast as I did. Tawiah had been such a great helping hand in almost all of my doubts and queries along every step of the way and I will forever be thankful to her for making my journey so much more bearable than I’d have ever expected it to be. My journey with Punzila didn’t just end there as they still keep in contact with me, checking up on how I’m doing from time to time. I wholeheartedly thank the whole team of Punzila educational services, once again.


I simply cannot think of a more stressful time in a student’s career than having to choose and apply to universities; the choices are endless, and in most cases, we don’t know where to start from. I reached out to Punzilla to help me on what seemed to be an impossible task and within a month I was accepted into my first-choice business school. The process was simplified and the lovely people at Punzilla did their best to ensure I do not run into any complications. I am currently studying in EU Business School in Barcelona, Spain. I believe this is the best choice I could have made as the Business School fits my needs perfectly and the city of Barcelona is always lively with many things to do after my classes.

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